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Engineering and Design Information

Wood Pole Specification Tools

  • NEW! ANSI Dimensions for Wood Poles (ZIP file) - Excel spreadsheet that calculates the minimum circumference of a wood pole 6 ft. from the butt, based on selection of species, class and length. Requires Excel 2007 or higher.
  • NEW! Wood Pole Weight Estimator (ZIP file) - Excel spreadsheet that calculates range of pole weights for shipping based on selection of species, class and length. Includes estimators for single poles and multiple pole selections. Requires Excel 2007 or higher.

Fire Performance Information

Florida Electric Utilities Research

NAWPC Technical Bulletin

Wood Pole Specification Update --  by Nelson Bingel

Wood Pole Specification Update - Nelson Bingel, new Chairman of the ANSI O5 Committee and chair of the Fiber Stress SubCommittee, discusses the important changes that were made to the standard in 2002 in this paper presented at the 2002 International Conference on Utility Line Structures.   The Power Point presentation of the material is also provided.

Cost of Underground vs. Overhead Systems

First-ever report shows Americans strike underground utilities approximately once per minute, despite risk of serious injuries and costly consequences.  For news story go to:


Common Ground Alliance DIRT Analysis and Recommendation, Volume 3 for Calendar Year 2006, Released March 26, 2008.

For full report go to:

US Consumer Product Safety Commission News Release - July 6, 2010: Recall to Repair: Whitco Company LP Stadium Light Poles Can Fall Over, Posing Risk of Serious Injury and Death

Steel Pole Corrosion Information

  • On-Line Submission: Laboratory and Field Corrosion Investigation of Galvanized Utility Poles by M. Zamanzadeh  (MATCO Associates, Inc), C. D. Kempkes, D. Aichinger (Valmont Industries)and D. Riley (MATCO Associates).  This paper was also presented at the 2006 American Society of Civil Engineers’   Electrical Transmission Line and Substation Structures: Structural Reliability in a Changing World  Conference and ASCE members may find it on pages 235 – 249 on the Conference Proceedings.

The Hardening of Utility Lines

Designing With Wood vs. Alternative Materials





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